Kimberly Massale, LPC, ATR-BC


* Badass * Tell it like it is * Gently pushes you to Align with your truths * Kali and Venus archetypes * grounded and earthy *


Kim's super-Specializations:

* Clients wanting to expand spiritually beyond and/or heal from Christianity upbringing *

* Clients that want to begin dating available and awesome men *

* Clients healing from childhood trauma and wounds *

* Clients going through divorce and breakups *

* Clients healing from grief *

Kim Massale is the founder of Brave Embodiment Counseling LLC. Brave Embodiment Counseling is a place for highly motivated and successful women that appear to others to have it together, yet internally feel disconnected from their core essence and soul's path. Our space is a space for highly individualized healing space to guide you through the deep work of your shadow. 

Kim is a mind body psychotherapist that believes intuition is the essential guide to health and joy. She has always followed her intuition, even as a young girl, always making the choice to be herself in this world rather than just fitting in.  She follows her gut as it guides her to her highest vibration. She is a badass old soul, with many past lives and tunes into her feminine divine. She has known for a long time that her life's purpose is to help woman access and own their strengths, their power and their joy. 

Her own life is all about connection, love, sunshine, art, and enjoying being in her body. In her free time you will find her snowboarding, rock climbing, running, dancing, or doing yoga. Her personal relationships are built on trust and love with boundaries. Kim was previously married and divorced. She knows what is like to feel hopeless and alone while going through a breakup! She also knows what it means to build your life back up from rock bottom. She knows what it means to truly connect with your essence and soulmates, and to follow your intuition. She is now happily remarried with a beautiful goddess in the making daughter, Carina Sol, and a little boy on the way (due in May 2019).

Kim began her journey into this career as a psychotherapist upon hearing and following her heart's call to follow her passion. Growing up with parents who are both scientists, she was headed in the direction of engineering throughout high school and into college. Despite feeling different and fearful to take the leap into her soul's desires, she followed her heart and instead completed her BA in Fine Arts. Shortly after, she fined tuned her passions in the form of a career in Art Therapy and completed her Master's Degree at George Washington University's Art Therapy Program in 2009. Much of the artwork and photographs on this website, her blog, facebook, and instagram are her own artwork. 


As the years have passed, Kim continued to narrow in her niche by incorporating the most integrative and holistic as well as accelerated approaches to healing. She trained in EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing in order to heal trauma and release negative limiting beliefs. And has trained and is an Aid for Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (through Level 2). This mind-body approach allows for healing from the bottom-up and top-down, meaning it retrieves stuck traumatic material from deeper less accessible parts of your brain by way of the body, in order to more quickly and efficiently process and heal. 

Kim is a credentialed Licensed Professional Counselor in DC, MD, and Colorado (LPC.0013237) as well as a Registered (ATR-BC #12-009).

Prior to her work in Colorado, Kim had the pleasure of working at Your Soul Therapy as a psychotherapist for Washingtonian women in their 20s and 30s in Georgetown, DC. She was also the Assistant Clinical Director for a teen crisis mental health agency in which she ran Art Therapy groups, worked with families, teens, and supervised students and post-graduate clinicians for over 6 years. 

Kim served as the President of the DC Chapter of the American Art Therapy Association and have been an active member of the local and national American Art Therapy Association since 2007 volunteering for several different committees and positions. She recently stepped down as the Government Affairs Chair for the Art Therapy Association of Colorado, where she was leading efforts to gain licensure for Art Therapists in Colorado. 

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