Kim and Sara uses EMDR in their work with clients. EMDR was created by Francine Shapiro at first by accident! She noticed and then began to develop the technique of Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing as related to the movement of the eyes side to side when we process deep or intense information. The process has been researched and revised over many years and turned into a protocol. This protocol has been shown to be most helpful in creating accelerated and lasting changes for trauma processing. The process involves bilateral stimulation of the brain, either by moving the eyes side to side while following a light or stimulus, or by tone or touch. The protocol is highly researched for the use of recovery from trauma. 

In her work with clients, Kim and Sara suggest and use EMDR when trauma is impeding health or goals. Kim and Sara also use this technique when clients need help getting unstuck from a limiting belief. The process is remarkable as it produces quick change, sometimes even in the course of one treatment.

Kim actually began work in this field after her own experience using EMDR as the client in college. She is a big believer!