Art Therapy

Art Therapy is form of psychotherapy designed to utilize art as a form of expression in psychotherapy. Artistic expression has been around since the existence of man in the form of ritual and storytelling, both of which are vital to humans' meaning making brains. Art accesses less conscious information in our brains that is pre-verbal, before language is ascribed. In the use of art in the deep work of the psyche, we are able to uncover material much deeper than words. We speak from our heartspace when we create art about our experiences and emotions. Once clients create art, they may understand the meaning right away, or perhaps a week or several months later. Often what surfaces in artistic expression far predates our ability to understand it on a conscious, verbal level. 

In our work with clients in art, clients are given the space, without words to express and explore the depth of their experiences. You do not need to be 'good' at art to participate in Art Therapy, just a willingness to explore without judgement, the contents of your heart and mind.