Spiritual guidance

A psychospiritual approach means that we use ritual, spirituality, and intuition as part of our work with clients. We work with women to attune their highest vibration and core essence. We regularly incorporate the use of rituals such as setting intentions to source, releasing and calling in energy, moon rituals, oracle cards, smudging, and guided meditation/imagery (of course only if you are interested). Guided visioning is one of the most powerful tools clients have experienced in our work - it occurs in a state somewhere between hypnosis and meditation. We are open to all religious practices and do not follow a specific belief system. Instead, we encourage clients with spiritual beliefs to work with us towards enlightenment and support within their own religious belief system. We also offer suggestions of spiritual readings when clients are interested in exploring further. 

Energy is very important to our work and we are a practice of empaths. We often work with clients on a deep level of intuition that is not verbal or conscious. We work on providing the containing, safe energetic that best creates the foundation for you to heal and grow in the way you want to.