We work with clients in modalities specially designed with the intention to accelerate and ease the pain of the healing process, as well as integrate the truths of one's mind, body, and soul. 

Because our methods are body and depth oriented, you will not have to re-tell all the gory details of your past or relive the pain of your experiences. Unlike other models of psychotherapy, you will not have to suffer or be re-traumatized to heal. You just have to be invested in change and ready to dive deep. And we trust that you have an internal inherent healing capacity which means we only need to know what is pertinent to your healing in our work together.

We are not afraid of the depths of your experience and pain. We will guide you to peace from painful experiences. 

We work in a strength based and positive future oriented focus. We offer a more directive approach for those that want it and a more hand's off space for those who are ready to take the reigns back on their lives! We collaborate with clients to help them create future visions for their dream lives!

Mind, body and soul wellbeing means using the appropriate approach at the right time to unearth healthy beliefs and living. For more info on our techniques, click through our ways of working here. 

International Therapy Experts

We have experience and passion for working with women living and working abroad. We get the wanderlust thing and we love guiding women to find a sense of peace and connection regardless of where they are living. Many women living internationally lead very successful career lives and partnerships, yet have a sense that something is missing in their lives. We love to sherpa women living internationally into a potential they do not even see can exist for them.


Why do we work mainly with women? 

We focus specifically with your experience of feminine identity and therefore we delve deeper into the issues that you may encounter and are more masterful in guiding you. Our 40+ years of experience in the field has led each of us to the knowledge base and training needed to help you with your unique concerns. Each of us has walked the talk and worked hard on our own shadow journey. Being a women who has done the work is an important informer to our work with you. 


Intimacy and Relationships

We work with women who struggle with intimacy in relationship. Your struggle in intimacy may be around dating, feeling disconnected in partnership, letting love in or letting yourself be truly seen. We work with women like you to release family legacies and embody true intimacy. Whether you are unsure whether to stay or are healing from a break up or divorce, we get it and we can guide you through this difficult time. 



We are all trained in cutting edge scientific methods for addressing trauma as well as patterned beliefs and behaviors that hold you back from feeling good in your daily life. We share both the science and the spiritual to help you align with your joy and power on the cognitive, emotional and cellular levels. We believe in integrating mind-body-soul, integrating the intellectual with the spiritual. 




While our intention is to work with those identifying as women to honor our specialization with women and our personal work, we are gender inclusive. We welcome all and work frequently with clients identifying on all variants of the gender spectrum. We work with anyone called to do the hard work of healing with us and in our specialized techniques. 

We are sex positive! We welcome those identifying as polyamorous, kink, LGBTQ, and all sexual orientations. 


New to Denver?

Looking for an Awesome group of like minded women? 

New to Denver? Been there, done that! All three of us are transplants from different areas of the country and we know what it means to follow our intuition to a healthier lifestyle and the magic of the mountains. We can help you build a community and navigate your new home.