Healing from TraumA

We specialize in several forms of trauma informed work. Our practice values the importance of understanding trauma and how to help our clients recover from trauma. We understand that everyone suffers from trauma, in some form or another. We recognize that many people are misdiagnosed with a plethora of ailments when trauma is really the culprit for the difficult mind-body symptoms we are experiencing.

We will help you unpack any traumatic experiences big or small with you while helping you release the grip of shame that comes with trauma. We are experts in shame and will teach you how to stop beating yourself up internally when you are already in so much pain.

You may be wondering if your trauma is big enough or worthy enough of attention. It is to us. No trauma is too small or too much for us. We welcome your experiences, your big emotions, and we can be there for you while you heal no matter the how deep or intense the pain.