Sara Sisty, LCSW, RYT

* Collaborator * healer * yogi *


SARA's Superspecializations:

* Clients wanting to explore spirituality outside the scope of organized religion *

* Clients who want to discover and align with their core values *

* Clients that want to overcome anxiety, and live authentically *

* Clients going through life transitions *

* Clients healing from trauma *

Sara Sisty, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and yoga therapist located in Denver, Colorado. Sara places high regard on working from a place of authenticity, and connecting with your whole self. Sara offers a safe space to work with you on finding harmony of your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. 

Sara received her Masters Degree in Social Work from Loyola University of Chicago. Her experience includes working with individuals struggling to connect with their life’s purpose; and are facing road blocks due to stress, anxiety, or whatever negative past life events you may have experienced. 

Sara is intuitive by nature, and values a life built on connection and authenticity. She has always had an anxious temperament and knows what it's like to feel bogged down by anxiety. Sara has learned how to build herself up and overcome the hurdles of anxiety. Sara spent a month in India doing an advanced yoga training to explore a new modality for helping clients heal through their entire mind-body-soul. Through this experience she learned how to shed layers of deep internal wounds, and connect fully to her authentic self. Sara hopes to offer this same freeing experience to those she works with. To learn about this work, check out her blog about Trauma Sensitive Yoga Here.

In Sara's free time, she enjoys experiencing the outdoor beauty that Colorado has to offer. She can be found exploring new hiking trails, or just getting lost in nature with with two Boston Terrier puppies. She is a certified yoga teacher and incorporates yogic lifestyle and philosophy into her daily life. Sara meditates daily and believes in the power of connecting to her highest vibration through this practice. 

See Sara’s CV here.

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