Kimberly Polsen, LPC

* Perfect Combo of intellectual and soulful * Enthusiastic * curious * connected *



* Clients who want to increase their connection with their body or form a more positive relationship with their body *

* Clients who are experiencing infertility or going through the process of IVF or other reproductive technology *

* Clients who are feeling stuck due to anxiety or self-doubt *

* Clients who recently experienced a major life transition like a move, pregnancy, or job change *

* Clients who want to increase their mindfulness practice *

* Clients healing from trauma *

Kimberly is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Denver, CO. Kimberly believes in using your body’s innate wisdom to access, process, and integrate past trauma or that which can keep us feeling stuck. Kimberly uses kindness and humor, patience, and mindfulness to help clients feel safe in exploring roadblocks that prevent them from achieving their purpose or accessing their potential.

Kimberly attended graduate school at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois and worked at a community mental health center counseling children and families in Chicago before moving to Denver in 2017. Her experience includes working in schools, an outpatient community counseling center, and The Blue Bench - a nonprofit that supports survivors of sexual abuse and assault. While attending graduate school, she worked as a legal assistant at a law firm specializing in family building, adoption, and reproductive technology where she discovered a passion for supporting families working through issues of infertility and building their family through non-traditional means.

Kimberly is passionate about supporting and empowering clients to work through unresolved trauma at their own, intuitive pace. She is also trained in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy which uses mindfulness and body-awareness to help clients access and integrate trauma and gain relief from anxiety, PTSD, or chronic somatic complaints.

Kimberly has always been passionate about helping others and was a sensitive, intuitive, “old soul” even at a young age. In her free time, you will find her hiking and exploring Colorado, (learning) snowboarding, reading in a hammock, or trying out and sharing new recipes (she was a vegan chef years ago!).

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Contact Kimberly at or 720-923-3033 (Ext 4)