Brave Embodiment Counseling LLC

Full Mind-Body-soul assessment

and wellness plan


Some women come to our practice knowing they are a 100% YES to seeing results NOW. Kim Massale provides this two hour service to those that are ready to identify their core obstacles and a plan for moving forward.

This two hour service is a full run down of your mind-body-soul to identify what is holding you back and what you can do to improve your wellbeing. Wellbeing plan will include books to read, lifestyle recommendations, and mind-body-soul processing tools/practice suggestions. 

This is a $333 flat fee service that cannot be reimbursed by insurance.

Follow up sessions are available, not required. At times, this service will uncover deep unresolved wounds in your history. Should this occur, Kim will recommend appropriate follow up services.



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Your BODY Speaks


Your body is a wealth of knowledge and it SPEAKS!

This 90 min service gives you a full analysis and wellness plan based on your body's knowledge and non-verbal communication. Kim will deep dive into your body's wealth of knowledge to unearth the information your body is aching to tell you. You will also learn about the way your body communicates in relationship. You will leave with a variety of tools to improve your daily life by using resources within your body. 

At times this service will unearth information that require further support. If this is the case, Kim will suggest a plan for action. 

This is a $249 flat fee that is not reimbursable by insurance.

Follow sessions are available but not required.


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Psychotherapy Discounts


Because we know that investing in psychotherapy can be a long term and pricey investment, we offer packages for psychotherapy at a discounted rate when purchased up front.

We recommend an expectation of about a 1 - 2 year commitment to our psychotherapy services to achieve deep and lasting resolution. Expect to be meeting weekly at first and then dropping down to once every two weeks as healing gains traction.


Psychotherapy Package Options


1 Month Investment

Purchase 4 sessions and get 5% off


3 Month Investment

Purchase 12 sessions and get 10% off


6 Month Investment

Purchase 24 sessions and get 15% off

Purchased sessions do not expire.

Please note there are no refunds for these packages.

These packages do not apply to adjusted scale fees.