Here is a list of our FAVORITE female owned business in the community providing wellness services of all kinds!



Miranda Meyer


Miranda is a Nutrition Therapist and owner of Food For Thought Nutrition Therapy located in Denver, Colorado. She specializes in chronic digestive issues, food sensitivities, autoimmune conditions, and the gut-brain connection. She believes the foods we eat effect us systemically, and that a healthy gut is key to a healthy mind and body. 




Vanessa Tate

Couple’s Counselor

Vanessa Tate is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist with specialized training in Somatic Psychotherapy which means she hugely values the importance of the physical and energetic body and it's connection to our emotions, behaviors, and relationship to self and other.

Being in relationships takes conscious work which is sometimes enjoyable and sometimes challenging.  She doesn't just work with couples who want to stay together, but also those wanting to open their marriages, divorce, and/or consciously uncoupleVanessa works with couples to better understand themselves and their contribution to their dance. Helping a person understand when  behaving from their "adaptive child" (required from childhood) versus being present in their "functional adult" (required for adulthood) creates a changed experience in the tango they enact with their partner. To do this, she works experientially in the room exploring your minds and bodies. She teaches couples active listening, assertive, authentic, Nonviolent communication skills combined with increased awareness of body sensations and language to forge greater harmony. For more info visit

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Kristy Vergo, MA, LPC, LMFT

Couple’s Therapist + Psychic Medium

Kristy Vergo, MA, LPC, LMFT is a holistic therapist who specializes in all types of relationships - both with yourself and others. She helps couples find more connection in their relationship, improve communication, prepare for marriage, and navigate being new parents. She is skilled at working with couples who want to integrate spirituality into their sessions. She is collaborative, solution-focused, and strongly believes in mind-body-spirit connection. Kristy has two offices in central Denver, and also works virtually through online video. For more information and to book a consultation, please visit Kristy is also a psychic medium, Shamanic practitioner, and Tarot reader. You can find out more about these offerings at

Personal Trainer

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MEGAN McWilliams

Soulful Personal Trainor

Megan McWilliams is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer based in Denver & Centennial. Through nutrition, movement & mindset her focus is to help clients reach their goals, improve form & confidence within each movement and have fun through the process, while directing the focus away from weight / size. We are all perfect exactly as we are and through a healthy & active lifestyle we are able to feel amazing on the inside and fuel a positive / motivated mindset. Whether someone is looking to improve endurance, nail down form or just become their strongest self, Megan is here to support and nurture their journey!


Claudia Nanino

Breathwork + Vinyasa Yoga + Crystals +Yoga Nidra


Claudia Nanino is a certified breathwork facilitator, meditation and yoga teacher.  During a time of immense personal challenge, she turned to meditation, yoga, crystals, breathwork, and various teachers and healers, to rebuild her life and catapult her spiritual evolution.  While benefitting immensely from all of these resources, she knew from the first time she did breathwork that her life would never be the same. She offers Conscious Breathwork, also known as Transformational or Soulful Power Breathwork, in group or one on one settings. With an end goal of creating a beautiful community, through healing, transformation, and the power of the breath, she invites you to connect with her and ultimately yourself.  Please visit for more info. 


Dr. Krystyna Holland, PT, DPT

Pelvic Floor Medicine + Physical Therapist

Dr. Krystyna Holland, PT, DPT helps people get back to doing the things they love with the people they love to do them with. She works specifically with people who want to take an active role in their healthcare decisions, and who no longer want to live with pain or restriction. Her treatment philosophy has been shaped by her own time feeling unheard and misunderstood as a patient. In addition to orthopedic conditions, Krystyna evaluates and treats pelvic floor dysfunction including pain with intercourse, leaking, and pelvic girdle pain. For more info visit:


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Maureen KellEy

Financial Coach

Maureen Kelley has been a financial advisor, private banker and wealth manager for nearly 30 years.  A certified family coach and financial therapist, today she helps people with conversations and challenges beyond the money.

With a unique perspective, she writes and blogs, facilitates workshops and retreats, and coaches individuals through their struggles with money.   Maureen is a passionate advocate for empowering and engaging women to have healthy relationships with money. For more information visit: