Celeste Ferro  

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* Hands-on Energy Healer Craniosacral Therapy * Ayurvedic Expert * Warm Sunshine Energy + Grounded Love * Teacher and Guide into the Spiritual Realm *

Celeste has been a part of the healing community since 2011 when she started her journey into the world of wellness, health and beauty. During her time as a student in South Florida, she was introduced to the ancient science of Ayurveda, the healing system from India that has existed for over 5000 years. In 2012 she took a position as an esthetician at JothiVita, the first Ayurvedic Center in Hollywod, FL and in 2013 she became the lead massage therapist of that establishment. This role gave her the opportunity and honor to train new therapists in the art of ayurvedic massage, specialty treatments, Panchakarma (ayurvedic detoxification) and the preparation of specific herbal oil blends for massage services.

During that time, Celeste dove into the practices of Yoga and Meditation as well as mantra chanting and sound healing, activities that helped her assimilate healing processes in herself and made her a well rounded holistic therapist in all aspects. She is also trained and attuned to Reiki, a Japanese practice in which a person becomes a channel for healing energy, helping clients to reduce stress and sleep better.

Celeste holds a massage therapy and aesthetics educator position at Aveda Institute in Denver. She feels honored and full of gratitude to share the benefits massage therapy and a healthy lifestyle can bring into people’s lives. Her purpose is to be a conduit for knowledge, love and healing, passing onto her students and clients the passion for helping others through the mind-body healing experience that bodywork has to offer.

Contact Celeste at 720-487-3601 or celeste@bravecounseling.com