Britt Masters, MA, LPC

MA, Art Therapy/Counseling from Southwestern College, Santa Fe, NM

AEDP Level 1 Practitioner, Art Therapist



* Spiritually Empowered * Heart-Centered * Intuitively Attuned & Empathic * Attachment-Focused * Art is Healing * Authentically Accepting * Modern Mystic *


Britt Masters is a strengths-based, client-centered therapist who incorporates transpersonal psychology, art therapy, ecopsychology, Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), and trauma-informed care into her clinical approach.

An animist and modern mystic, Britt believes in the healing power of art and assists clients in accessing their creative and spiritual resources to become their personal powerhouse. Not shy to use all manner of mind, body, and spiritual interventions, Britt enjoys using ritual space within the safe context of therapy, and welcomes clients from alternative religious, sexual, and personal paths. She has significant experience aiding those who have experienced "sanctuary trauma" or other challenging experiences in mainstream religions, assisting clients in reframing negative and self-debasing programming and exploring worldview and personal sense of meaning.  She also embraces clients with animistic, earth-based, and polytheistic spiritual paths as well as those wishing to explore alternative religion and mysticism.

Britt endeavors to use art making and creative problem-solving as real strengths in the therapy room, assisting clients in becoming unstuck, identifying their life's purpose, renewing and finding joy, and transforming into the person they were meant to be. Clients often enjoy doing inner child work with Britt in a playful context, and exploring themes such as identity, gender, sexuality, and spirituality in a down-to-earth yet profoundly meaningful way.

Specializing in Deaf Education in undergrad, Britt has a special place in her heart for those who struggle with disabilities, both seen and unseen.  She is especially skilled at guiding depressed and suicidal individuals through their deep pain, and shining light on the things that provide hope, joy, and the will to continue forward and renew a sense of purpose. 

Britt welcomes those with curious experiences and visions that are difficult to explain with modern scientific understanding, always striving to be a spiritual midwife for those travailing in the Dark Night of the Soul.  She is a practitioner who takes the individual on visionary journeys and reminds them of life songs they had long forgotten, the song that fills the hole in their heart that they are desperately seeking to be healed.  

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