Skylar Drake on To-Do List Fatigue

Skylar Drake, the magnificent and beautiful soul that she, shares in this Vlog about the fatigue and burnout that can come with basing your self-worth off of checking items off your to-do list. Skylar is a linchpin of the Denver women business leaders community. Her presence is an indication of her strength of character and wisdom.

Skylar Drake is a dynamic relationship coach helping her clients tap into the mindset shifts and self-empowerment necessary to nurture a healthy relationship with themselves and, of course, others. She is a community builder, networker, friend-maker, and passionate advocate for the value of authentic and genuine connection.

Skylar Drake is the owner and founder of R E L A T E  &  R E V E L  C O A C H I N G. For more info on her work visit her website at and contact her at or (720) 546-3401.

Kimberly Ottinger