Angie spivey, LCSW, SAE

* Guide * Healer * Teacher * Truth-Teller * Kind * Well Versed * Mindful *

* Balanced Approach of intellectual and deep Soul healing *



* Clients wanting to overcome limiting beliefs that are holding them back *

* Clients who are tired of talking about problems and are ready for real results *

* Clients wanting holistic treatment for chronic pain beyond Western Medicine’s approach *

* Clients who grew up with alcoholic or mentally ill caretakers and want to move through the shame into freedom *

* Clients who want to resolve Trauma of any kind *

Angie offers a safe, affirming, peaceful space to help you move past the pain that has brought you into therapy.  She has experience in multiple psychotherapy methods that can bring about lasting transformation. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who graduated with her MSW from New York University in 2005.  She has been Certified as a Substance Abuse Expert; Reiki Master since 2004 trained in the Usui System in New York; and Certified in Level II Clinical Hypnosis with Rapid Resolution since 2013. Utilizing a framework of traditional psychotherapy such as REBT, Transactional Analysis while integrating Mindfulness, Rapid Trauma Resolution and alternative therapies such as art, animal assisted therapy or Reiki. 

Not all methods work for every person, as such individualized treatment plans based on client's needs and goals are formulated specifically for your needs.  Angie Spivey is a seasoned clinician, with 15 years experience in both direct practice and director positions. She provides individualized and solution-focused treatment in treating trauma, chronic pain, depression and anxiety.  Angie believes in a whole-person, strengths based approach. Because it is imperative for you to feel comfortable with your therapist choice, Angie offers the first 45 minute session at no charge.

Prior to her work in Colorado, Angie was in private practice in Stuart, Florida for over 6 years. She has been a Clinical Director for two Partial Hospitalization programs for addictions treatment in Florida. Her work as an interventionist can be seen on Dr. Phil in a 2013 segment entitled “The Two Amandas”.  Before moving to Florida she had a private Reiki practice in New York City. She volunteered for Free Arts for Abused Children for many years there, including post 9/11 using Art Therapy to help children who lost one or more parents.  

When not working, Angie is an avid world traveler, scuba diver, animal activist, motorcycle enthusiast, and community theatre actor.  She believes a good therapist continues their own healing journey and as such she practices yoga, meditation, ayurvedic cooking and regularly attends healing workshops.  It was her own journey through debilitating chronic pain and herniated discs that led her to Dr. John Sarno's work on the link between repressed emotions and pain. Having gone through her own healing work for physical and emotional pain, she understands the dark night of the soul and invites you to join her as your guide on the road to happy destiny and wholeness.